Weston Milling. The No.1 Supplier of our total flour requirements. We use Maximus flour only and this high protein high grade product guarantees us a quality
product every time. Their customer service is another reason we have only purchased off them for the past 7 years.

Rand Transport Servicing, our national supplier for the past 3 years. They deliver chilled or frozen and they to have a wonderful service record.

DFC Packaging Group, Suppliers of specialist shrink film to Quattro's for the past 7 years. Quality film together with quality machinery is why we are still with them.
They also look after all maintenance for our wrapping machines, usually at short notice.

Kerry Pinnacle - the key Supplier for all our "other" ingredients needs. From fresh yeast to shredded cheese they deliver on time every time, we trust them so
much they even do their own order.

Service Containers has been the sole Supplier to all our cardboard requirements for the past 8 years. Service have also assisted in carton design and have been able
advise on cardboard strength required for fresh or frozen transport, plus A1 customer service.

K&G Labels The sole supplier of our total label requirements for the past 13 years. They are the total package combining a Quality product with great Customer


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